Thursday, 6 March 2014

Project Achievement Conference

The Project for Institutional Capacity Development of the Civil Service Training Center (CSTC) in Ghana which begun in March 2011 has just ended. It was sponsored by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). On February 14th 2014, a Project Achievement Conference was held to highlight the achievements of the project of which the newly built Training Block was inaugurated. The conference was also used as a platform to discuss the way forward for CSTC. This album shares some of the moments captured in pictures.

Monday, 27 January 2014

The Success of the EL/QPI Training Course

The Need for Change >>>
Looking around in her office, Ms. Weah saw from the window the queue and the unfriendly way that customers had to suffer for information. This awareness brought the need for a change. She was however constrained since she didn’t have the skills, knowledge and attitude to challenge the process.

Learning Opportunity for Change >>>
Not quite long, an opportunity came for her to be trained in Ghana in ETHICAL LEADERSHIP FOR QUALITY PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENT (EL/QPI) COURSE. 

This course is developed by the Civil Service Training Center, Accra- Ghana as a flagship course to impact positively on the public services. It comprises three modules which has been put together. 

We have Ethics, Leadership and Quality Productivity Improvement to make participants change agents to improve their workplaces. She interpreted EL/QPI in her own way.
An Avenue for Change >>>

During the EL/QPI Course in Ghana, Ms. Weah was taken through how to develop a Service Charter as a module. A Service Charter explains what an organization does and how they provide their services. It also informs customers on the vision, mission, values, structural procedures, roles, operational points, clients responsibilities and expectations as well as point of enquires within an organization.

Usually, it is displayed on the internet and also can be printed in a hand book for both customers to have easy access to information about an organization’s services.
The objective is to ensure smooth operation and a better customer service.

Action Plan Intervention for Change>>>
In the course of the training, Ms. Weah was to look back at her organization and pick a bad situation to change using her EL/QPI principles. From her training in Ghana and the experience of how things were done in her Ministry, she was determined to ease the pressure on customers and her organization with her Action Plan entitled DEVELOPMENT OF SERVICE CHARTER. 

Innovation for Change>>>

To make her successful, she formed a team to enable her to seek support of all stakeholders. She successfully sold her idea to management and they became part of it starting from her immediate supervisor. She had a lot of challenges because the concept was new and involved a lot of processes.

Outcome of Change >>>
The need to think outside the box, the need for it to be ethical, the need to lead, the need to be productive and the need for maintaining quality with continuous improvement came to light. With determination and perseverance, a Service Charter was first born in Liberia, and which influenced other ministries in the country at large.

An instrument of change and an embodiment of knowledge an Ethical Leader. Let’s light up the corner where we are, let’s start small but letting our influence affect the world. Leave your foot print in the midst of the sand.


Mr. Ebenezer Rexford Amankwah,

CSTC Staff Training Officer